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With a loft conversion there is always room to expand, with more and more people capitalising on the redundant space of their loft, increasing both the living space and value of the property.


Old and decrepit loft areas can be converted into liveable extensions to your home, or used as a spacious, clean and organised storage area.

Velux windows can be fitted into your existing roof without changing your home’s exterior to produce a naturally lit area.  Dormer windows can free up even more room in a loft conversion, but may require planning permission.


We can liaise with your local council on your behalf building you a bespoke loft conversion all within building regulations.

We have built many loft conversions in Bedfordshire, Cambridgeshire, Hertfordshire and London.  Why not give us a call if you are thinking of expanding your living space.  We offer free quotes for a full loft conversion design package.

Loft conversions​

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