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Project Management

Imogen Jack specialises in providing full project management for our clients, ensuring that each and every project runs smoothly from start to finish.  We understand that clients may be apprehensive about having building work done in their homes, but at Imogen Jack we strive to make sure the building process is as just as satisfying as the end result for our clients.

Utilising our experienced and expert in-house tradesmen, designers, architects and site managers allows Imogen Jack to finely coordinate each process involved with your project to ensure the highest quality possible while eliminating any extra and unnecessary costs associated with external agencies and outsourcing.

This approach allows us to provide a high degree of flexibility to fully incorporate all of our client’s wishes, priorities and concerns from the initial consultation and quotation to completion.


• Consultation
• Quote
• Strategic Briefing
• Designs & Drawings
• Planning Application
• Building Regulation Application
• Construction Process
• Ongoing contact with local authorities and regulators
• Ongoing consultation and progress reviews with clients
• Advice given to clients on independent future design ideas

Above slideshow displays initial CAD drawing of proposed extension, the site pre extension and site post extension



As part of our full and concise project management from the very start of the project, we gain the foresight to identify all necessary costs of the entire project – therefore Imogen Jack will always work within your budget and only add any extra costs to the project if required by the client.  This means that you can rest assured that the price you are quoted is the price you will pay.

Imogen Jack operates as a highly managed professional business and therefore has refined and reduced overhead costs.  Also, our strong relationships with our suppliers has allowed for low negotiated material costs.  These savings allow us to offer clients better prices than most other building companies.


We understand that having work carried out in your personal space can sometimes be stressful.  However, Imogen Jack can tailor a project schedule to fit around YOUR needs.  This includes regular on-site presence and consultations with the founder and head of the company Matthew Brown to make sure you are happy and secure at every stage of your project.

We will of course give you an initial and very accurate timescale for the job to be completed, but this can be adapted if your circumstances change. 

We will also communicate with local planning departments on your behalf as well as arranging all necessary inspections and contact structural engineers and surveyors as part of our service if desired.  Our friendly team will not hesitate to address any questions or concerns you may have at any time, and will strive to make the experience less stressful and even enjoyable for all of our clients!


Imogen Jack is comprised of highly skilled and qualified team of tradesmen with vast experience who have known and worked with each other for up to 25 years.  We also have partner architects who will create drawings and plans for your project who we are in constant communication with on-site and off-site.  This experience of working together as a unit for so long allows for a highly coordinated building process with little unpredictability in time and costs. 

The wide range of skilled tradesmen at Imogen Jack means that we can offer everything our clients’ desire, from the initial drawings to the groundwork to bespoke ornate furniture and everything else in between!  However, our flexible project schedules mean that clients can have as much or as little input from us into their overall project as they so wish!


Health & safety for both the Imogen Jack team and our clients is paramount on every project we undertake.  Matthew Brown has completed the most recent construction site manager’s safety training and all the team adhere to strict health and safety policies.  All of our tradesmen are fully safety qualified i.e. Corgi registered gas installers and Part P qualified electricians etc. 

We are extremely mindful that most clients will be living in the premises where work is carried out and will always keep potentially dangerous areas off access to residents, especially small children and family pets!


Imogen Jack recognises the importance of being environmentally friendly at every stage of the project and we control our operations accordingly.

  • All waste and hazardous materials are transported and disposed of the correct manner by working with and following the strict guidelines set out by the Environmental Agency.
  • We endeavour to use wood from renewable and sustainable sources and will always make sure that all of our wood that can be used is used and never discarded
  • All arrangements are made on site to minimise waste, noise, dust, emission of pollutants, traffic disruption and disturbance to the general public.
  • We install the latest energy efficient products and materials: insulation that meets & exceeds minimum building regulation standards, energy efficient low emission windows, and highly efficient boilers etc.

Our project management allows you the peace of mind that we are taking care of everything that needs to be taken care of while completing your project to an exceptionally high standard.

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