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Specialist Carpentry


Imogen Jack is partly comprised of highly skilled carpenters with many years of cumulative experience.

This means that we are able to provide you with a range of different designs to match your needs and ideas for your home.


If you require more storage without compromising on aesthetics and ergonomics we can design and build cupboards, shelves and drawer systems to fit to the contours of your interiors, as well as providing optimum storage and presentation for the items you wish to utilise them for.  Lights can be added to shelves and cupboards for extra illumination, and shelving can be built onto existing and usable doors to provide even more living space.  Take a look at the photos of completed projects on the left to see some examples.


If you need extra light in your life we can build roof lanterns of any shape or size into an existing ceiling to allow natural sunlight to brighten your home.  We can also build new timber sash windows to to provide you with security and comfort without losing the character or charm of your home.

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